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Lymphatic Massage

Recommended session time: 1 hour.

The manual lymphatic drainage is a specific technique of therapeutic massage that is applied on the lymphatic system to favor the circulation and the elimination of liquids. As its own name indicates it is done with the hands by means of smooth, slow and repetitive movements.

The benefits of this massage

*Improve blood and lymphatic circulation.
*Stimulate the immune system, increasing the body's own defenses.
*It produces a calming and relaxing effect, due to the effect it has on the parasympathetic system.
*Improves vascularization in muscle myofibrils.
*It restores the lymphatic flow, producing a volume reduction in case of edema and in some inflammations.

Molding Massage

Recommended session time: 1 hour.

Shaping massage is a stronger technique than conventional massages. They work arms, torso, hips, thighs, glutes and abdomen. The idea is to shape the figure, reduce excess fat and remove cellulite and toxins, promoting a cleanliness of the body resulting in reduction of measures.

Benefits of molding massages

*It helps in the elimination of fat by stimulating blood flow.
*It helps in the dissolution of adipose tissue and cellulite.
*The stimulation of the generated blood flow causes the metabolism to accelerate, increasing the reabsorption of fats and the burning of calories.
*It is ideal for the reaffirmation and toning of muscles, although it should not be considered as the absolute replacement of physical exercise, since it does not provide all the benefits that are achieved with the hard work of the gym.
*Useful in the revitalization and unblocking of the bioenergy of the treaty, releasing the tension and helping in the resolution of emotional problems.
*Stimulates relaxation, eliminates muscle tension.


Recommended session time: 1 hour.

The maderoterapia is to apply a massage using different wooden utensils specially designed to balance the energy of the patient, reaffirm and tone your body, and combat cellulite. Wood is a material that is considered beneficial for health.

Benefits of this massage

*Activation or improvement of the lymphatic system to lose weight.
*Mold and stylize the figure.
*Significantly improves circulation
*Eliminates cellulite regardless of the severity of the case.
*Redirect energies.
*Reduces accumulated fats in certain areas of the body.
*Improves the elasticity and appearance of the skin.
*Eliminates insomnia.

Post Operatory Massage

Is the elimination of liquid that accumulates after a cosmetic surgery such as liposuction this massage are also offered as a combination session along with radiofrequency and ultrasound.

This massage has a series of benefits. Among which we find the following:

*Retained liquids are eliminated.
*Avoid and eliminate fibrosis.
*Scarring is generated more quickly.
*Bruising is quickly eliminated.
*Decrease pain.
*Help the circulatory system.
*Decreases inflammation.
*Improves the immune system

Other Massage Services

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*Pressure Point Therapy
*Relaxation Massage
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